General Overview/ Job Description

Tree planting is a big job and there is more to it than you might initially think. Below is a general list of what is expected of you as a tree planter. Use the links above to review some more specific details of the job.

At the worksite – planting

  • Come with all of the equipment needed for the job (a list of needed equipment can be found here)
  • Understand the quality expectations for the site
  • Understand the density requirements for the site
  • Check up on yourself – that is throw plots on yourself on a regular basis so you know that you are meeting and quality and density requirements
  • Take care of youself – ensure that you have enough water and food for the day, and that you have protection from the sun, rain, and insects
  • Take care of the trees – see the Seedling Care and Handling section below
  • Ensure that your tree cache is in good repair (e.g. neat and tidy,
  • Keep track of how many trees that you have planted – understand the rules that your camp uses to verify this (e.g. box ends)
  • Help keep the worksite clean
    • Never leave food garbage on the block
    • Break down the tree boxes as you finish them
    • Help remove garbage from the worksite as needed
  • If you do not understand any of the above – ask!

General Planting Etiquette

  • Never cut off another planter
  • Do not take only the good (cream) sites
  • Flag areas when necessary to assist other planters
  • Always finish your area before moving to another
  • Work the area in a logical and systematic manner – don't do the good sections first, expecting others to help with hard areas. Try to do areas with harder access first (ie. back pieces)
  • Punctuality: be on time – DON'T hold up other crew members. If you see a mistake (ie. double plant, missed area, dropped trees) in another planter's area, make sure it is corrected
  • Each planter's quality affects the entire crew

Expectations in Camp

  • Help erect/dismantle camp as needed (cook house, showers, toilets, etc.)
  • Erect/dismantle seedling storage shelters
  • help keep camp clean and tidy
  • Fires – must be approved and are subject to provincial regulation
  • Never leave leave food in your tent – essential in keeping camp bear free
  • Help unload seedling shipments (e.g. unload the reefer into the shade shelter)
  • Help load seedlings into trucks, helicopter nets, etc.
  • Keep yourself in good health

Safety Expectations

Safety starts with each individual – it is important that you take it seriously:

  • Wear your seatbelt whenever you are in the truck – more than being the law seatbelts save lives!
  • Be an active member in safety meetings
  • Understand the general hazards of the job
  • Understand the specific hazards for the worksite you are on
  • Know who your First-Aiders are and where to find them
  • Understand where you are
  • Report all accidents or near misses immediately
  • If you see an unsafe situation tell your foreman or another person in management

Specific "Do-Not's"

  • No Smoking except in designated areas
  • No fires except those pre-approved in camp
  • Stashing of trees will result in termination and prosecution. Stashing trees has legal rammifications
  • No illegal substances