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Folklore Contracting Ltd. has been a major contributor to the silviculture industry in British Columbia and Alberta since 1973. We are a service oriented company intent on building lasting relationships with both our clients and employees. We are known for providing quality service at fair prices. Our management and supervisory personnel have extensive industry experience ranging from five to twenty years.

Occupational Health and Safety

Safety is of major importance in the forest industry, and Folklore Contracting takes this issue most seriously. We provide in-depth safety training specific to our industry, and our employees adhere to all safety policies and procedures that have been laid out in conjunction with our clients. Folklore conducts ongoing safety audits and is a leader in Worksafe BC ‘SAFE Companies’ and Alberta’s ‘Partnerships in Injury Reduction’ (PIR) programs. In BC Folklore is a certified SAFE company and in Alberta Folkore holds certification from both the Alberta Logging Association, and the Alberta Forest Products Association.


Folklore owns six fully equipped camps, which accommodate collectively up to three hundred and fifty employees. In order to decrease lost time due to mechanical breakdowns, we transport all of our employees in new rental vehicles, all of which are four wheel drive. We supply two way radios, cell phones, autotels, and satellite phones to facilitate communications during our daily operations. All of our camps and vehicles are equipped with WCB approved safety and first aid supplies. Folklore not only meets WCB requirements, it exceeds them.

Contact Information

Kurt Hawkenson: Principal
Jim Logan: Planting Coordinator
Greg Mancuso: Planting Coordinator

Folklore Contracting Ltd.
1077 Eastern Street
Prince George, BC, V2N 5R8

Phone: (250) 563-5765
Fax: (250) 563-2445
E-mail: info@folklorecontracting.ca


  • SAFE – BC Forest Safety Council
  • Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR) – Alberta Forest Products Association
  • Member of the Western Silviculture Contractors Association